Data Entered in One EditText must Simultaneously display in Other EditText

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http://stackoverflow.com – FOR EXAMPLE. empty is 1st EditText and total_empty is the other Edit Text If i type 1 in empty edittext means then it has to display simultaneously on total_empty edittext as 1. after that i have an EditText called new.i will give 3 as value in EditText new. after that i have to add the above three EditText Values(1+2+3) and display the sum in another EditText called fill . Atlast i have another editText called total_fill again i have to display the same value in above "fill"edittext here too. my code is given below EditText empty_cyl_recvd,new_cyl_recvd,filled_cyl_unload,dmg_cyl_recvd (HowTos)