In dalvik, what expression will generate instructions 'not-int' and 'const-string/jumbo'?

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http://stackoverflow.com – I am new on learning dalvik, and I want to dump out every instruction in dalvik. But there are still 3 instructions I can not get no matter how I write the code. They are 'not-int', 'not-long', 'const-string/jumbo'. I written like this to get 'not-int' but failed: int y = ~x; Dalvik generated an 'xor x, -1' instead. and I know 'const-string/jumbo' means that there is more than 65535 strings in the code and the index is 32bit. But when I decleared 70000 strings in the code, the compiler said the code was too long. So the question is: how to get 'not-int' and 'const-string/jumbo' in dalvi (HowTos)