curl > grep > awk > curl > ooops (a hand with bash please ?)

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http://crunchbanglinux.org – curl -s $site | grep patern | awk -F "_" '{print $1}' >> $filegrep returns more than one line. So the above line works despite the lack of an array.awk takes them one by one like a good program and writes each to a file. All is well. curl -s $site | grep patern | awk -F "_" '{print $1}' | tee -a $file | curl -s $site/$1But say $1 are links and I want to pass them to curl too. I tried the above. $1 doesn't update for each line or something though... Two problems arise: curl doesn't seem to get what's piped to it.Tee-ing doesn't w (HowTos)