Ctrl-Alt-Fn keys dont work in vmware

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi all. I am using windows XP as my host machine and vmware workstation 6 to install and run RHEL 5. I have set the inittab to runlevel 5. While i am in gnome, i tried pressing Ctrl-Alt-F3 and nothing happens. I searched the net and found that i should do this Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F3. It worked and kinda throwed me to shell mode. When i issued runlevel command it showed me N 5 Now when i tried to go back to gnome by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F5 it didnt work !! i tried all other combinations Ctrl-Alt-Shift-(F1-F5) but no response. I entered init 5 but no response !! I am missing somethi (HowTos)