C++/SDL code (maybe) causing BSoD

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http://www.daniweb.com – I'm working on my first game in C++ and SDL. The game compiles and runs perfectly on both my boxes (Arch Linux and Windows XP). When two of my friends were to test the game, one of them (running Windows Vista) said his machine BSoD'd every time he ran the game. Unless it's an SDL or Vista thing (which I highly doubt) I'm thinking it might be a pointer issue, but I'm not very good with pointers. If anybody would take a quick look at the code I'd really appreciate it. (Any other suggestions/critique is very welcome as well. :) ) Thanks in advance for any help! http://pastebin.com/JUKfdJHH I'm not sure wether the BSoD still occurs, since I've made a lot of changes to the program since my friend tested it. I haven't included "highscore.cpp" since this file didn't exist back then anyway. (General)