cron + task.queue problem

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http://forum.directadmin.com – Hi I have problem on task.queue and cron on CentOS and DA 1.44.0 plz help. cant restart cron failed: Stopping crond: cannot stop crond: crond is not running Starting crond: 'cron' is not a directory, bailing out ps ax | grep cron Result= 6360 pts/0 S+ 0:00 grep cron What I did is: chmod 644 /etc/cron.d/directadmin_cron /sbin/service crond restart = Failed yum -y install vixie-cron cronie chkconfig crond on service crond start = Failed /usr/local/directadmin/dataskq d service crond start = Failed For this problem backups and some services not work, cant un (HowTos)