Creating a local repo for http/ftp installs

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – So, I'm having trouble installing Fedora 11 using the URL method. When I put in a F11 netinstall CD, or even Disc 1, I press tab on the first option and add "askmethod" to the end of the text. Each time I point the installer to my local FTP and press enter after typing in the FTP url, the installer just hangs there. I've even tried deleting ALL the files from the F11 folder on my FTP server and downloaded ALL the files at: ftp://ftp.linux.ncsu.edu/pub/fedora/...edora/i386/os/ Still...the same thing. When I pointed the installer to: ftp://ftp.linux.ncsu.edu/pub/fedora/...edora/i386/os/ Everything worked fine, albeit slow as it was DL from the NCSU FTP server. Am I doing something wrong with my FTP server? It is anon, so there is no authentication issues. (HowTos)