Creating Conky text variables with zero padding?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I've got a strange issue with my Conky setup: What I'm looking to get rid of/fix is the fact that my CPU percentages (using ${cpu cpuX}) won't seem to pad properly. I'd like all values to be aligned vertically so that statuses never wiggle. Here's excerpts from my conky file: # ... pad_percents 3 # ... ${cpubar cpu1 6,135}$alignr${...}${cpu cpu1}% How can I right align and pad CPU percentage values so they stop throwing off my layout? The equivalent printf would be %3.0f so that values will appear like this: $ "%3.0f" % (1,) ' 1' $ "%3.0f" % (13,) ' 13' $ "%3.0f" % (100,) '100' How (HowTos)