creating a bootable DVD to automatically restore Slackware

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I'll be away from home for the following weeks (and perhaps months). I want to use the Internet with confidence, so I have setup an old computer with SSH and I'll be tunneling to that (from a netbook). I haven't remote-managed a computer for such a long time and I want to be sure that even if I do a mistake remotely, I can bring the computer back to a good known state. The home computer will reside inside my aunt's house and she knows very few about computers. I've been thinking about burning a bootable DVD containing a tarball of a freshly configured Slackware. If I mess up, I can phone my aunt and tell her to simply put the DVD inside the drive and press ctrl-alt-del. The DVD boots, un-tars (the fresh Slackware), ejects the CD-tray, waits for her to press Enter, closes the tray, and finaly reboots to my good old known fresh Slackware. How can I create such a DVD? Search keywords, guides, and HOWTOs are much welcome :) (HowTos)