Create a network between 3 computers

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http://superuser.com – I have to make a configuration like following: PC1 ---- PC2 ---- PC3 The point of this is that I want to send data from PC1 to PC3 but doing something with the data in PC2. I have 3 ubuntu computers. I have already configurated the end-points with: sudo ifconfig eth0 *IPofPC1or2* netmask *netmask* sudo route add default gw *IPofPC2* eth0 For the PC2 I think I have to assign an IP address to eth0 (in the same subnet of PC1) and eth1 (in the same subnet of PC3) but then, how can I connect the gateway? I am not sure. I tryed to make the default gateway to the PC1 (in eth0) and to PC3 (in et (HowTos)