Create a mailbox in qmail, then forward all incoming message to Gmail

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http://serverfault.com – I needed to let PHP send mails from my webserver to my web app users. So I installed qmail on my Debian server: sudo apt-get install qmail I also updated files in /etc/qmail specifing my domain name, and then I run sudo qmailctl reload and sudo qmailctl restart: /etc/qmail/defaultdomain # Contains 'mydomain.com' /etc/qmail/defaulthost # Contains 'mydomain.com' /etc/qmail/me # Contains 'mail.mydomain.com' /etc/qmail/rcpthosts # Contains 'mydomain.com' /etc/qmail/locals # Contains 'mydomain.com' Emails are sent without any problem from my PHP script to any email add (HowTos)