Create an autostartup script for Debian and Ubuntu systems

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http://tips4linux.com – In Debian-based distributions (and here I’m also talking about the widely-spread Ubuntu), there is no rc.local file preinstalled. The good thing is that you can make one easily so you can have a place to put commands to be started up automatically at boot. Here’s what you have to do: sudo nano /etc/init.d/local.autostart You can name the new file whatever you want, but in this example we’ll use local.autostart. Paste #!/bin/sh on the first line of the file and your command(s) underneath, one after the other. Now save and close and make the file executable with sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/local.autostart Make the file be recognized as an init script: sudo update-rc.d local.autostart defaults 80 Now, every time you boot up your Debian-based distribution, the commands you set in /etc/init.d/local.autostart will “magically” autostart. (HowTos)