For A Crazy $5.99 A Month, The $99 TiVo Mini Will Pull Recordings From A TiVo Premiere

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http://techcrunch.com – Remember 2005 when the name TiVo meant something? It was a synonymous with DVRs. Crappy Comcast boxes were called TiVos because consumers didn’t know any better. TiVo subscribers were locked into the TiVo lifestyle by a sort of Stockholm syndrome, fulling willing to pay the huge retail cost of a TiVo and a relatively high monthly fee to use the system. TiVo apparently didn’t get the notice. It ain’t 2005 anymore and the $99 TiVo Mini with its $5.99 monthly fee is a bit crazy. At best, the TiVo Mini is fine little box. It’s a second screen option, designed to go into a b (IT news)