Crackling Noise when sounds coming from Laptop (Msi cx500) Waldrof 11

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http://crunchbang.org – Hi i have a strange problem, never had this problem with crunchbang before.On my notebook 'Asus pxd1001' its works just fine, but on my 'Msi cx500' it does not.There are some miss sound coming from my speakers every now and then , to almost everytime a sound appears on my computer.If Skype makes a sound? The same second i hear the sound, i here the crackling noise, every time!If i play music in vlc/clementine? I here the crackling noise in the beginning of the song, and randomly when playing.Dont know how to explain it better but here is my lspci too, if it helps.tim@crang: (HowTos)