CPU utilization is low but swapped out processes and blocked processes is high

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http://serverfault.com – We're facing intermittent periods of 100% CPU utilization. Server Configuration:HP DL580 G7 (4 Processor with 8 cores each; 128GB memory.) Operating System: Solaris 10_x86 update 9 Application: Oracle 10 R2; ASM for Disk Management. DB size 5TB; SGA 78GB Storage Subsystem: HP MSA2312sa Dual Controller SAS direct attached storage On a normal day (CPU utilization 20%) the vmstat output is provided below kthr memory page disk faults cpu r b w swap free re mf pi po fr de sr s0 s1 s2 s3 in sy cs us sy id 0 27 26 128133040 6469184 362 4937 829 3 (HowTos)