A couple of 11.2 annoyances - please confirm.

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http://forums.opensuse.org – A couple of annoyances I've found in 11.2 which I want to check are not just particular to my installs. 1) In the KDE systemsettings gui, if you change the windows style, it doesn't seem to change the style of the YAST windows. E.G change the window style from Oxygen to Polyester and in YAST the windows style remains Oxygen. This didn't happen in 11.1. Making the change from the cli works as expected. 2) In YAST when searching for apps to install from the web, the search button does not take the focus when typing in the search box. So hitting the enter key causes YAST to start the install rather than search for the app. You have to click the search button. Very annoying when you're searching for multiple apps. Is everyone else seeing this? If so I'll open a couple of bug reports. (Distributions)