Could not open port for activeMQ broker on CentOS

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http://serverfault.com – here is problem: We have virtual machine on VMware ESXi with CentOS 6.3 system (devserver). To access ports on virtual machine we do port forwarding. We deploy application in tomcat on devserver (Tomcat7,JDK7) iptables dispabled. After deployment, ActiveMQ start to listen on 60001 port. Application on 8080 works fine: we can access from anothe VM in ESXi subnet by 8080 port and from internet we can access it on 8585 port our client try to listen on 60001 for ActiveMQ broker, but port is closed! When I check 60001 port with nmap on localhost and on, it is open: nmap -v -sV lo (HowTos)