Copy/paste problem using rxvt-unicode-patched and urxvt-perls

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Adding URxvt.keysym.M-c: perl:clipboard:copy URxvt.keysym.M-v: perl:clipboard:paste URxvt.keysym.M-C-v: perl:clipboard:paste_escaped allows me to successfully copy text from urxvt to the X-Clipboard  (and then paste into Chromium using ctrl-v or shift-insert). However, I'm looking for a way that doesn't require the extra step of issuing the M-v command. I want any text copied into the X-Primary buffer (which happens automatically when I highlight text within urxvt) to be automatically put into the X-Clipboard. Also, I do not want text I highlight in an application like Chrom (HowTos)