Copying a set of files through CIFS from Linux to Windows 7 to preserve the timestamp

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello All, I am trying to copy a bunch of files from a Fedora 19 Linux server to a Windows 7 machine. I have successfully set up SAMBA/CIFS to talk from the Linux server to the Windows machine, but it does not replicate the date/time stamps of the files. It looks like it replicates the date/time stamps of the directories. Info I can see. $ uname -r 3.11.0-rc7 # rpm -qa| grep samba samba-libs-4.0.9-1.fc19.i686 samba-common-4.0.9-1.fc19.i686 samba-client-4.0.9-1.fc19.i686 samba-4.0.9-1.fc19.i686 rpm -qa| grep cifs cifs-utils-6.1-3.fc19.i686 su - # mkdir /mnt/samba # mount -t cifs //{IP (HowTos)