Converting from scientific notation to normal

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http://www.unix.com – Hi everyone, I need to convert some numbers that are written in scientific notation to normal notation. Here is a sample line from my data file; Code: "1",1,-1,0,0,502,0,0.00000000000E+00,0.00000000000E+00,0.35591163544E+03,0.35591163548E+03,0.50400001928E-02,0.,-1. first of all, my data file is a .csv and not all the numbers are in scientific notation. the ones that are to be converted 0.35591163544E+03 will be 355.91163544 and 0.00000000000E+00 will simply be 0 I have to do this conversion through out the whole data file. thanks a lot in advance. (HowTos)