Converting a curve to a diagonal line with Cairo (in Avant Window Navigator on Linux)

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http://stackoverflow.com – I'm currently trying to modify Avant Window Navigator's "Lucido mode" code in order to replace the separator's/s' curves with diagonal lines. The part of the (Cairo) code that governs the curviness is present from lines 330 to 334 in the following file on GitHub: link { /* Oblique */ gfloat xm = ( *xs + xf ) / 2.0; cairo_curve_to (cr, xm, *ys, xm, yf, xf, yf); } In order to make the goal easier to understand, here is an image of what AWN Lucido looks like right now and what I want it to look like: I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with getting the code right to make (HowTos)