Convert JSON String into JSON Array and show in ListView

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http://stackoverflow.com – in working on an app for a site. I've been trying to solve this problem for a week or so, asking around googleing a LOT! And i cant seem to find a solution. I have a JSON String which is: { "error":"", "S8tf":{ "infoToken":"wCfhXe", "deleteToken":"gzHTfGcF", "size":122484, "sha1":"8c4e2bbc0794d2bd4f901a36627e555c068a94e6", "filename":"Screen_Shot_2013-07-02_at_3.52.23_PM.png" }, "S29N":{ "infoToken":"joRm6p", "deleteToken":"IL5STLhq", "size":129332, "sha1":"b4a03897121d0320b82059c36f7a10a8ef4c113d", "filename":"Stockholm (HowTos)