control-left and control-right not working in vim, within a screen session [closed]

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http://stackoverflow.com – In vim, control-left and control-right are back and forward whitespace-separated word (i.e. synonyms for B and W), the same as web textareas and bash. But when running screen, these keys stop working. When pressed, vim instead switches to its command line and enters 5C or 5D there. Here is encoding I have for these keys: $ cat >/dev/null # pressing control-left, then control-right: ^[[1;5C^[[1;5D BTW: I tried remapping these keys in .screenrc, like this: bindkey ^[[1;5D stuff B bindkey ^[[1;5C stuff W This works for vim, but now those keys don't work at the bash command line (ins (HowTos)