Console Text Editor with Windows-like keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-z, x, c, v)

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – Ok, I realise that I risk a religious war asking a question about text editors, but here goes. Requirements Mostly used for config file edits Text based not GUI Available for Raspian flavour of Debian No learning required for a Windows/Mac GUI user (no vi/vim) Makes full use of keys found on modern keyboards, i.e. home, end, pgup, pgdn, del Use keyboard shortcuts found in pretty much all GUI apps, e.g. Undo (Ctrl-Z), Redo (Shift-Ctrl-Z), Select All (Ctrl-A), Cut (Ctrl-X), Copy (Ctrl-C), Paste (Ctrl-V), Expand selection (Shift-Arrow), Skip word (Ctrl-Arrow), Delete selection (Del) etc Op (HowTos)