Connecting Linksys WUSBv2.8 to internet

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hey guys thank you for viewing my question. I'm kinda a noobie at Unix in general so to be expected, I'm having problems. I am trying to connect my desktop to the internet via my Linksys wireless usb WUSB11v2.8 adapter. My network showed up in the Network manager as soon as I installed Fedora and it asked for my network key, but it still doesn't connect. It just keeps asking. I was reading that possibly the driver is not compatible with the OS. I heard about RPMs and the ndiswrapper program that supposedly is supposed to help with compatibility issues so I went and installed both via a direct ethernet connection. I guess my question is now since I have these programs, what else do I need and how do I go about completing the installation? I pretty much need to be baby stepped by step into how to do this including the best place to install the software, what files do I need, and where and how if I even need to get my device's chipset. Thanks for your help! :confused: (HowTos)