conky output disappears when I click the backdrop

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http://crunchbang.org – As the title says. I actually have a couple of scripts which overlay each other, but when I click on the non-conky part of the backdrop, it all disappears. I'm using Mint 14, ie Ubuntu 12.04 and Cinnamon, with conky 1.9.0The top part of the script isalignment top_right #background no border_width 0 gap_x 45 gap_y 110 color1 FFFBE6 #color2 FAF6EB #color2 E7E0C3 #color2 AFCDB9 color2 CDCBAF own_window yes own_window_class Conky own_window_type desktop own_window_argb_visual yes #own_window_argb_value 50 own_window_transparent yes cpu_avg_samples 2 #default_color white #default_outline_co (HowTos)