Conky animation with images (without lua or other third party script)

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http://crunchbanglinux.org – I was playing arround with conky and wanted to show an animation..So I took a compdead.gif and used this line to grap all stills from it:gifsicle --unoptimize --explode /home/pieter/temp/compdead.gif --output /home/pieter/temp/temp.gifAbove line creates images in /temp/ that look like this:temp.gif.001 temp.gif.002 temp.gif.003 temp.gif.004 temp.gif.005 .. temp.gif.236 temp.gif.237 temp.gif.238Then I used this conky config to show it:update_interval 0.1 imlib_cache_size 0 template1 /home/pieter/temp/temp.gif. template2 -p 10,20 -s 135x135 TEXT Conky Animation with images ${if_updatenr 01}${im (HowTos)