Conky 1.9.0 - /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/: No such file or directory

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http://crunchbang.org – Hi Guys,I recompiled my kernel, running 3.4.36 and I didn't compile any of these in;[ ]   Deprecated /proc/acpi files[ ]   Deprecated power /proc/acpi directories[ ]   Deprecated /proc/acpi/event supportI've used these settings removed from the kernel before on a different laptop and they worked, but I just recently purchased a new one, now the conky configuration; ${font Zegoe Light:size=12}${color 000000} AC Adaptor: ${color1}${acpiacadapter}${color} on the new laptop is not working, which I don't get...Can't acpiacadapter work with /sys/clas (HowTos)