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http://www.daniweb.com – i want to display a confirmation message when a user clicks delete.can any1 tell me how i could do it with javascript and php here's my code $id=$r["sr_no"];                 if($r['district']==1 || $r['district']=='North')                 {                 $r['district']=North;                 echo "<tr><td >{$r['sr_no']}</td><td >{$r['name']}</td><td >{$r['designation']}</td><td >{$r['dte']}</td><td >{$r['ph_o']}</td><td >{$r['ph_m']}</td><td >{$r['ph_r']}</td><td >{$r['district']}</td><td >{$r['taluka']}</td><td >{$r['pan_name']}</td><td><a href='edit.php?cmd=edit&id=$id'>Edit</a></td><td><a href='edit.php?cmd=delete&id=$id' >Delete</a></td></tr>";                 echo "";} if($_GET["cmd"]=="delete" || $_POST["cmd"]=="delete") { $id = $_GET["id"]; $sql=caseQuery("delete from designation where sr_no=$id"); if($result)           {       redirect('edit.php');           }           else           {           echo "<p>cannot delete your data<p>";           } } (General)