Configuring Samba & Web server

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello, I am kind a new on this forums and for couple weeks been practising using Fedora (currently got installed F11). Anyway, could someone tell me how should i conf (and install addons, if needed) 1) Samba server (probably going to do yum install first) and there should be: share named like "share1" and for example, there are 2 users - user1 and user2 - user1 can get to it and user2 cannot (so i'll have to made users first). also the user1 should have the rights to write/read/excetute (might know how to do it also) 2) Webserver a) for example if i go to http://www.testwebsite.xy (host named by me, configured) there will be shown text "TYPE SOMETHNG HERE" and if go through http://IP then there will be shown some other text. 3) uploaded some fail. why does it make my version of fedora not to boot anymore and how to fix it :( I'd be really thankful if someone could help me. Sorry for my bad english spelling and grammar. Uh, so, could someone make me step-by-step instructions? : ( Attached Files breakboot.zip (265 Bytes) (HowTos)