Configuring default alsa device (hw:0,0) in asoundrc

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I am using a multimedia application (XBMC Frodo RC3) that does not allow me to select custom pcm device. It just asks the hardware device (in this case it is hw:0,0). Given this limitation I have to write an asoundrc (or asound.conf) file where I can configure the hw:0,0 device. I test the configuration by running: speaker-test -D hw:0,0 -c6 This simulates how the XBMC will produce surround sound. My asound.conf looks like this at the moment: pcm.surroundsw { type route slave { pcm surround51 } ttable { 0.2 1 1.3 1 2 (HowTos)