configuring APACHE for high traffic

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http://serverfault.com – I've started getting high volume traffic to me server (unmanaged server, contos 64bit 32G RAM with 2G throughput). It seems that the server status is 99% idle, the throughput is way less then 2G but the apache keeps chocking. I tried changing the following in the WHM - Apache configuration: **Minimum Spare Servers [?] 5 default** **Maximum Spare Servers [?] 20** **Server Limit (maximum: 20,000) [?] 2000** **Max Clients [?] 2000** but nothing helps...it freezes in: ps ax|grep httpd | wc -l : 806 and my websites are unreachable or timeout, or very very very slow... PLEASE - HELP!! t (HowTos)