Configuring 4 Cisco 2960 Switches together with a pair of Force10 S55 Core Switches

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http://serverfault.com – I'm trying to create as much redundancy as possible with the hardware we have and here is how I have everything configured: We have a pair of stacked force10 S55 switches that is our core. Then at each of our 4 cabinets we have a pair of Cisco 2960-S switches that have a single cable back to our core. as an example: cabinet1 2960-sw1 -> force10-sw1 2960-sw2 -> force10-sw2 My questions are these: Is it recommended to connect each pair of 2960 together? (These 2960s do not do stacking) Is it best practices to connect each cabinet switch to BOTH s55 in the core? so that if one fails we don't (HowTos)