Configure USB Fax/Modem on Ubuntu through VirtualBox

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http://stackoverflow.com – I'm trying to set up a USB Fax Modem in Ubuntu through Virtual Box but I'm not sure how to do so. My goal is to be able to dial out to a phone and have the phone ring. Host OS = Mac OS X Virtual Box Guest OS = Ubuntu 12.04 56k USB Fax/Modem = Lenovo 43R1786 (43R1815) by Conexant It's an old-school fax/modem that I'm trying to plug into a phone line, not a dsl modem. I went to virtual box settings > ports > USB > Add, and it found the modem as "Conexant USB Modem [0100]", so I added it. One of the two green lights on the device is on. When I go into Unbunt and run "lsusb" it recognizes "Bus (HowTos)