Configure spanning tree from HP to Cisco hardware

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http://serverfault.com – I have three switches I'd like to configure in a loop - a Cisco stack (3750s) and two HP 2900 series. Each is connected to the next with a 10 gig backplane of one form or another. How do I configure the spanning tree on these systems to make this function correctly? From the documents I've looked at it looks like I need to set both sets of hardware to use MST mode but I'm not sure past that point. The trunking, etc is all set up as needed. HP Switch 1 A4 connected to Cisco 1/0/1. HP Switch 2 B2 connected to Cisco 2/0/1. HP Switch 1 A2 connected to HP Switch 2 A1. HP Switch 1 show spanni (HowTos)