Configure Apache to use FPM (PHP 5.3.3)

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http://serverfault.com – I recently installed CentOS 6.2 with Apache 2.2.15 and PHP 5.3.3. I want to configure Apache to use FPM as the Server API. According to the release page (http://php.net/releases/5_3_3.php), FPM comes bundled with PHP 5.3.3; however, I can't seem to find any way to enable FPM in Apache. According to the FPM site (http://php-fpm.org), "PHP-FPM is no longer marked as "experimental" as of PHP 5.4.0RC2." Does that mean that FPM was experimental in 5.3.3? This would explain why it doesn't seem to be available in CentOS. I found the following guide which explains how to install FPM, but it is for (HowTos)