compiz-fusion in --current, how's your progress on it?

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Just wanted to post my progress, and see what others might be experiencing. I have a radeon 9600xt using the xorg radeon driver in --current. I upgraded my compiz to 0.8.4 and built the compiz fusion packages. I'm not able to build the kde4 one's as I don't understand the build instruction's for cmake on this. This kde4 compiz fusion wasn't/isn't available for the 0.8.2 series compiz in Slackware proper, so that's why I upgraded my main compiz (plus fixes). However, I do have compiz-fusion working splendid in XFCE tho. It all works well, after I do: xorg.conf: add device section gets: # from here: http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/ATI%20with%20AIGLX xorg.conf: Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "true" Option "AccelMethod" "EXA" and end of xorg.conf I added: Section "Extensions" Option "Composite" "Enable" EndSection Section "ServerFlags" Option "AIGLX" "true" EndSection The only issues I have is using xrandr, the monitor on the right, has corrupted vertical bar about 3" but only in the wallpaper area, the task bar, and system tray, and clock are fine. So it appears compiz-fusion doesn't know what to do with the wallpaper. On boxes that don't use xrandr I have no issue. Aside from the wallpaper issue using xrandr, it's running pretty good here, no issues whatsoever. Even the emerald themes, and fusion-icon. Has anyone else seen this issues? Do you have fusion working for kde4? Any random thoughts? (HowTos)