Compiled one more app for Slackware

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi Forum I have compiled one more app for Slackware, it's Netgen, http://sourceforge.net/projects/netgen-mesher/ a hex/tetrahedral mesher for finite elementsmesh creation in several standard industry formats, as well as open formats. This will create meshes for finite elements analysis codes like Abaqus, or Nastran as well as for finite volume codes like Fluent, of Diffpack. Tomorrow I will post details here on how i did this... there are some libs you will have to compile, package and install first... nothing too difficult really. TODO: The real power of a computer stems from the fact that it can run a lot of repetitive jobs, in an automated fashion. It is also known that in engineering design, the process of designing something is an iterative loop, like design-analyze-improve your design according to some metric of merit-reanalyze... etc. Given these two facts, and considering that some of the tools that i have ported to Slackware can run in a non interative stance ( can be run in batch mode, probably in a multithreaded multi processor environment, i.e. a real BIG machine ), I will now try to use the brute force of computer looping to make it behave "intelligently", designing lightweight structures for machines or vehicles for example. This thing is supposed 2 run 4Ever, or until no further changes in my metric of merit is observed ( an optimum has been reached, or close to it ) I will now study bash, awk, and sed. My goal is to create a wrapper script that will design-analyze-and update the putative design according to an index of merit issued from the analysis step. The design step will be performed by packages like gmsh, tetgen, or cgx: they will feed on data files of parameters and produce designs to be analyzed. http://www.geuz.org/gmsh/ http://www.dhondt.de/ http://tetgen.berlios.de/ the analysis step will be performed by ccx http://www.dhondt.de/ The design update will be produced be Dakota http://www.cs.sandia.gov/DAKOTA/ I hope to have explained as clearly and simply as possible what I am trying to do, so any of you Engineers out there, feel free to ask any questions or contribute with whatever hints you may think correct. All this is open Source, and will be built on OSS LGPLed tools. I do not need to say that applications that perform what i am willing to try to do, are very expensive. ... so... wish me luck :) BRGDS Alex (HowTos)