Compaq W17q monitor - correct resolution not available

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have two displays; my main being an Apple Cinema Display (1920x1200), and my secondary being a Compaq W17q (1440x900). Previously all applications saw the secondary fine, being able to detect its name, native resolution, refresh rate, and so forth. But today, for no reason, after going into nvidia-settings the display is now being called "CRT-0" with only 4:3 resolutions available (1024x768 being the highest), so now I'm stuck with the wrong resolution on my second monitor. All I can guess is that something more integral in Fedora is no longer able to read the EDID in it or something (I say integral as it's not just nvidia-settings, its everything, not to mention my install of Win 7 still reads the display A-OK)?! Any ideas? Maybe I could just force the 1440x900 resolution? If so, how? Everything I've tried so far has either had no effect or resulted in glitch city. Cheers. (HowTos)