Commit Digest: Issue 64

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http://blogs.gnome.org – This week… 1152 commits, in 137 projects, by 191 happy hackers (and 128 were translation commits). Thanks to a patch by Philip Chimento gtk-doc got a much improved support for parsing unions . (GNOME bug 165425) Francisco Rojas added tag autocompletion to Postr . (GNOME bug 507242) Support for BibTeX syntax highlighting has bee pushed to gtksourceview . (GNOME bug 605071) Takao Fujiwara updated gdm to reload the i18n file automatically . (GNOME bug 599263) Sergey V. Udaltsov updated the gnome-settings-daemon keyboard plugin to use the new GkbdStatus status icon. The GNOME Color Manager gained an experimental user-calibrate wizard, which the user can use when there is no calibration hardward available. Maxim Ermilov added JavaScript support to Anjuta, debugger, symbols et al. Empathy has been updated with support for inviting to multi user chats. The IM status plugin of Rhythmbox got support for Pidgin, a contribution by Mohamad Elrashidin Sajeli . (GNOME bug 605023) Xan Lopez brought back window.close() to Epiphany. Top projects Project Commits tracker 65 hamster-applet 48 empathy 48 gtkglext 39 evolution 38 gtk+ 36 banshee 35 cheese 34 gtk-doc 32 gimp 29 Top authors Author Commits Modules Toms Bauģis 48 hamster-applet Philip Van Hoof 42 tracker Matthias Clasen 34 gtk+, glib, gnome-terminal and others Ralf Corsepius 33 gtkglext Filippo Argiolas 28 cheese Roberto Majadas 26 nanny, gnomeweb-wml Stefan Kost 25 gtk-doc Paolo Bacchilega 22 gthumb, file-roller, quick-lounge-applet Jordi Mas 21 gbrainy, mistelix, evolution Danielle Madeley 20 empathy (Software)