Commit Digest: Issue 54

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http://blogs.gnome.org – This week… 2078 commits, in 184 projects, by 233 happy hackers (and 438 were translation commits). The new GtkFileSystemModel worked by Benjamin Otte and Federico Mena Quintero has been pushed to GTK+. Also in GTK+, a new GtkSpinner widget has been commited . (GNOME bug 319607) libsoup was changed to allow multiple pending connections to a server at once, as only allowing a single connection attempt at once really slows down pages with lots of subresources on servers that disallow persistent connections . (GNOME bug 594768) gdm has been converted from using gnome-power-manager to DeviceKit-power . (GNOME bug 596569) Jason Clinton pushed the Clutter rewrite of the Nibbles game, done by Guillaume Beland during his summer of code. Vinagre has been updated to keep the aspect ratio when using scaling mode . (GNOME bug 593192) Jason Childs added support for transparent objects in dia, by adding alpha to the Color structure . (GNOME bug 591525) Devhelp has been modified to look for an existing local copy of documents referred by their library.gnome.org location . (GNOME bug 598598) xml2po has been fixed to work with parallel builds . (GNOME bug 593175) Balsa, Gimp and goffice were all ported to compile fine with GSEAL enabled. Top projects Project Commits gnome-games 291 gtk+ 245 gimp 107 nautilus-actions 68 empathy 65 brasero 61 gnumeric 57 evolution 50 banshee 48 tracker 46 Top authors Author Commits Modules Guillaume Beland 262 gnome-games Federico Mena Quintero 82 gtk+ Morten Welinder 66 gnumeric, goffice, libgsf and others Michael Natterer 62 gimp, gtk+ Milan Crha 61 evolution, evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange and others Philippe Rouquier 53 brasero Pierre Wieser 50 nautilus-actions Bastien Nocera 41 gtk+, totem, gvfs and others Benjamin Otte 40 gtk+, gvfs Murray Cumming 38 glom (Software)