Commit Digest: Issue 52

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http://blogs.gnome.org – This week… 2015 commits, in 171 projects, by 239 happy hackers (and 242 were translation commits). Robin Sonefors contributed a prime factorization function to gcalctool (GNOME bug 563217). Evolution got rid of all the deprecated GTK+ symbols it used (GNOME bug 572348). Pascal Terjan ported the Pidgin nautilus-sendto plugin to use Pidgin D-Bus API (GNOME bug 597039). GNOME Shell added a calendar pop-down to the clock (GNOME bug 596432). Sound Juicer has been converted to use the Inhibit interface from gnome-session (GNOME bug 596570). Vinagre got configurable depth support (in the “depth” branch, to be merged once a new gtk-vnc release gets out ). (GNOME bug 485204) Thanks to the efficient scrollback store in vte 0.22 Christian Persch added support for unlimited scrollback to gnome-terminal. Nautilus gained a checkbox for not assocating a filetype on open with . (GNOME bug 92497) Ryan Lortie commited GSettings property binding support and a GValue serialiser into the gsettings glib branch. Empathy fixed its handling of fallback HTML files in Adium themes . (GNOME bug 596303) Top projects Project Commits gtk+ 285 gimp 127 gnome-shell 119 empathy 95 tracker 82 rygel 52 evolution-data-server 48 vala 46 glom 45 brasero 44 Top authors Author Commits Modules Carlos Garnacho 244 gtk+, tracker Michael Natterer 100 gimp Owen W. Taylor 77 gnome-shell, mutter Jürg Billeter 55 vala, tracker, gtk+ Murray Cumming 46 glom, gtkmm-documentation Cosimo Cecchi 45 empathy Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 44 rygel, jhbuild Bastien Nocera 40 gnome-bluetooth, network-manager-netbook, totem and others Philippe Rouquier 39 brasero Jorge González 35 f-spot, release-notes, damned-lies and others (Software)