Commit Digest: Issue 48

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http://blogs.gnome.org – This week… 2207 commits, in 200 projects, by 262 happy hackers (and 654 were translation commits). Michael Natterer added support for layer trees in Gimp, the UI still needs to be improved but there is now a Folder button in the layers dialog . (GNOME bug 86337) Totem browser plugin now overrides the HTTP user-agents for Quicktime and Windows Media Player, this fixes playback of the Apple trailers . (GNOME bug 375867) David Zeuthen started a “new-ui” branch to rework the UI of libgdu-gtk and palimpset. Brasero has been fixed to not use readcd (-clone) to copy audio CD, as it doesn’t keep CD-TEXT . (GNOME bug 580813) Epiphany gained back its “view source” command . (GNOME bug 503968) A new g_mkstemp_full() function has been added to glib, to expose more parameters than g_mkstemp(), allowing more flexibility when creating temporary files . (GNOME bug 594034) In Gnumeric Andreas J. Guelzow added handling of ODF import/export of surface plots originally created in Excel . (GNOME bug 594041) Matthew Barnes updated the “mailing-list-actions”, “save-calendar” and “publish-calendar” evolution plugins to the bonobo-liberated Evolution. On the same topic Lucian Langa started porting evolution-rss for the new Evolution. Top projects Project Commits gtk+ 153 tracker 106 empathy 86 evolution 71 gimp 67 gnumeric 56 glib 46 gthumb 45 vala 41 glibmm 39 Top authors Author Commits Modules Daniel Elstner 71 glibmm, mm-common, libsigc++2 and others Kjartan Maraas 49 orca, gnome-system-tools, evolution and others Morten Welinder 47 gnumeric, goffice, gnomeweb-wml Matthias Clasen 47 gtk+, glib, gnome-settings-daemon Michael Natterer 44 gimp, gtk+ Jürg Billeter 43 tracker, vala chrisb 42 sawfish, rep-gtk, librep Matthew Barnes 42 evolution, gtkhtml, evolution-data-server and others Philip Van Hoof 41 tracker Paolo Bacchilega 39 gthumb (Software)