Commit Digest: Issue 45

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http://blogs.gnome.org – This week… 2799 commits, in 207 projects, by 314 happy hackers (and 707 were translation commits). Nautilus has been changed to inhibit gnome-power-manager when copying files (GNOME bug 334806). Simon van der Linden landed much of his summer of code work on pybank (using gobject-introspection to create dynamic Python bindings to gobject libraries) in the gsco2009 branch. GConf has removed its libgnome dependency (which was casued by a test client ) (GNOME bug 586435), and was ported to the PolicyKit 1.0 API (GNOME bug 585303). Benjamin Otte ported byzanz (screencast tool) from gnome-vfs to gio, and from gdk to cairo. Thanks to a change in libgweather it is now possible to add an UTC time entry to the clock applet . (GNOME bug 541145) Jean Bréfort added a new cairo-based canvas to goffice, to be used in Gnumeric, to replace foocanvas. Every little part of gnome-panel has been ported to GtkBuilder. The gvfs gphoto2 backend and monitor were ported to gudev. Most of the C++ bindings were transitioned to a new build infrastructure, using the new mm-common module. In Yelp Shaun McCance added the possibility for ghelp: URIs to reference Mallard documents. And an all-new Mallard documentation, mostly written by Milo Casagrande and Phil Bull, has been merged into Empathy. Dan Winship ported SoupAddress to use GResolver, new in the latest GLib. Finally Matthew Barnes added support for “Fifth Sunday *of the month*” to Evolution (in his kill-bonobo branch) (and it also works for other weekdays !) (GNOME bug 328361). Top projects Project Commits pygobject 173 evolution 149 tracker 110 empathy 93 gnome-shell 77 f-spot 71 pango 68 gimp 61 cheese 60 gnome-panel 54 Top authors Author Commits Modules Simon van der Linden 168 pygobject, gobject-introspection Jorge González 90 empathy, evolution, gnome-disk-utility and others Daniel Elstner 89 glibmm, mm-common, pangomm and others Jürg Billeter 84 tracker, vala Behdad Esfahbod 68 pango, gnome-panel, vte Antón Méixome 68 vinagre, glib, orca and others Frederic Peters 48 empathy, jhbuild, library-web and others Seán de Búrca 47 evolution, evolution-data-server, ekiga and others Vincent Untz 42 gnome-panel, libgweather, pessulus and others Filippo Argiolas 42 cheese, gnomeweb-wml (Software)