Commit Digest: Issue 35

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http://blogs.gnome.org – This week… 1948 commits, in 167 projects, by 242 happy hackers (and 303 were translation commits). Banshee gained a “shuffle by album” option (GNOME bug 348582) Epiphany support for Python extensions has been removed, the supported language for extensions other than C/C++ is now JavaScript through Seed. Support for publishing geolocation information has been merged into Empathy (GNOME bug 571666) Milan Crha added a folder emblem to show new mail arrivals to Evolution (GNOME bug 323037); also Evolution dropped support for CDE (GNOME bug 582939). Support for the JPEG 2000 image format has been added to Gimp (GNOME bug 111409) GTK+ gained a new GtkInfoBar widget, similar to GeditMessageArea and similar widgets in Firefox. Its API is inspired by GtkDialog, with a content area and an action area. The message area uses symbolic colors for different background colors for warnings, errors, informational messages, etc . (GNOME bug 555344) Rhythmbox track change notification bubbles gained a “Skip” button (GNOME bug 331272) Shaun McCance created a new “mallard” branch for Yelp, to add support for the new Mallard document format. Christian Persch made a few HIG improvements to the NetworkManager connection editor (GNOME bug 584223) JHBuild GUI was rewritten to be totally awesome (and to not require libglade). PyBank, the bindings for GIRepository, got handling of structs as return values. Most importantly, Anjuta splash screen got rewritten from the obsolete libgnomecanvas to straight cairo (GNOME bug 571740). Top projects Project Commits empathy 277 jhbuild 102 network-manager-applet 85 evolution 63 evolution-data-server 61 rygel 53 tracker 53 gnome-games 47 rhythmbox 46 pybank 44 Top authors Author Commits Modules Cosimo Cecchi 149 empathy Christian Persch 94 network-manager-applet, gnome-games, nautilus and others Frederic Peters 80 jhbuild, gnomefr-web, library-web Jonny Lamb 65 empathy Jorge Gonzalez 50 evolution, gnome-bluetooth, empathy and others Pierre-Luc Beaudoin 49 empathy Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 47 rygel, vala, jhbuild Tomeu Vizoso 45 pybank, hippo-canvas Matthew Barnes 35 evolution, evolution-data-server, gnome-video-arcade and others Ross Burton 33 evolution-data-server (Software)