Commit Digest: Issue 31

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http://blogs.gnome.org – This week… 1980 commits, in 184 projects, by 245 happy hackers (and 395 were translation commits). Alacarte switched from libglade to gtkbuilder (GNOME bug 577911) and Trevor Watkins published his work on a vala rewrite in the vala+gdesktopmenu branch. Anjuta git plugin now features a “amend” option in its commit dialog . (GNOME bug 580340) Eog gained a “set as background” command in its image context menu . (GNOME bug 581180) Tomas Bzatek fixed the gvfs FTP backend to parse file sizes over 4 gigabytes correctly. Robert Carr added a D-Bus module to Seed, he wrote about it in DBus, sandboxes, REPLs, Life. Alexander Larsson went through the lowlevel part of gnio, fixing all the issues he pointed out in his initial review, making it work fully on win32, writing docs, plus fixing lots of other things he found. He posted a status report, with some open questions. Jonh Wendell started refactoring Vinagre to make it a generic viewer, not just for VNC anymore. Vino, XChat-GNOME, deskbar-applet, gnome-system-monitor and Evolution changed to use g_timeout_add_seconds instead of g_timeout_add where appropriate . (GNOME bug 581204, GNOME bug 581094, GNOME bug 581207, GNOME bug 591099, GNOME bug 573830) Top projects Project Commits tracker 91 evolution 72 gnio 67 seed 66 jhbuild 65 gnumeric 57 vala 52 brasero 50 gnome-games 49 pitivi 47 Top authors Author Commits Modules Jorge Gonzalez 97 evolution, evince, tomboy and others Alexander Larsson 69 gnio, glib, gvfs Frederic Peters 64 jhbuild, library-web, planet-web and others Jürg Billeter 57 tracker, vala Morten Welinder 55 gnumeric, goffice, libgsf and others Robert Carr 50 seed, planet-web Philippe Rouquier 45 brasero Matthias Clasen 38 gtk+, gconf, glib and others Robert Ancell 36 gcalctool, gnome-games, totem-pl-parser Michael J. Chudobiak 36 gthumb (Software)