Commit Digest: Issue 201

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http://blogs.gnome.org – This week… 2287 commits, in 213 projects, by 225 happy hackers (and 508 were translation commits). Tim-Philipp Müller ported sushi to GStreamer 1.0 . (GNOME bug 680425) Ryan Lortie enabled i18n support for dconf-editor . (GNOME bug 642217) Marc-André Lureau added a search bar to gnome-boxes, it will search as you type and filter the boxes . (GNOME bug 681089) Giovanni Campagna updated the gnome-shell screen shield to tween from the top when explicitly locking . (GNOME bug 681143) Fabiana Simões reviewed and updated eog user documentation, also added pages for the picasa and fullscreen b (Software)