Command substitution: file or command not found

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – The following script #!/bin/bash QUERY='select * from cdr;' MYROWS=$("sqlite3 -list -nullvalue NULL -separator ',' /var/log/asterisk/master.db '${QUERY}'") gives me ./bla.sh: row 35: sqlite3 -list -nullvalue NULL -separator ',' /var/log/asterisk/master.db 'select * from cdr;': file or directory not found If I execute directly sqlite3 -list -nullvalue NULL -separator ',' /var/log/asterisk/master.db 'select * from cdr;' then it works. I guess there is some error with the quotes that can't be seen on the error message. Please note that I need the single quotes around select * from cdr; (HowTos)