Command giving no output when being read?

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http://stackoverflow.com – I have a rather weird issue. I can't figure out why it's happening or how to fix it. The script: #!system/bin/sh #set -x reader() { t2=-1 grep -v -E "add device|name:" | while IFS=' ' read -r t1 a b c d _; do t1=${t1%%-*} t=`expr $t1 - $t2` if let 't > 0 && t2 > -1'; then echo "sleep $t" fi printf 'sendevent %s' "${a%?}" printf '%5d %5d %5d\n' "0x$b" "0x$c" "0x$d" t2=$t1 done } let() { IFS=, command eval [ '$(($*))' -ne 0 ] } countDown() { echo 'Starting in...' i=4 while [[ $i -gt (HowTos)