CodeWeavers Crossover Come To The Light Sale

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http://wine-reviews.net – Codeweavers offers downloads of its Crossover Games for $39.95 and Crossover Professional for $69.95 If you apply coupon code "ComeToTheLight" this will drop CrossOver Games to $29.96 And Crossover Professional to $52.46 That's 25% off and the lowest total price we've seen since a 1-day sale in October. CrossOver enables you to install Windows applications and games on Intel-based Macs and Linux. CrossOver 9.0 is already in beta teting and should be released shortly, so this is the time to make the purchase and then upgrade to CX 9.0 once it ships. CrossOver 9.0 contains many fixes to existing applications, and just generally makes the product better. As of this writing CrossOver has been merged with Wine 1.1.34 and contains many improvements for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Quicken, PhotoShop and many other supported and none supported applications. (Software)